I am a bit late in posting here.  There have been many huge set backs for the Web Site I m developing for class.  We have completed readings from course text books.  They will make good references.  Here are the reviews for the most recent web sites.


FlashVista interestingly enough opens about how they display great flash sites.  It is interesting because there site is quite boring.  They do link to many good sites which use Flash.  However, I do not know how long they will last with there own site being so lack luster.  Its a bit like going to an “Authority on Performance Cars” shop located in a random alley containing Yugos.  Flash Tutorials was more interesting.  It had step by step process for using Flash.  The site builders designed it nicely.  It was as if they used Flash too! Refreshing.  SitePal, oh my goodness!  I am such a juvenile but I love this site.  Its flashy and way beyond what I realized people could do already.  Its very cool and I would love to use this in the future.

Flash Software

AdobeFlash is mind blowing cool.  I do not trust it.  Adobes’ DW5 is supposed to be uncomplicated but it is not for me.  I should have known better.  Years ago I used PhotoShop and had a ridiculously hard time with it.  I do not understand half the jargon used.  I know they are awesome I think for someone like me, taking a class for their use would help a lot.  I am a tactile learner when it comes to computers.  I need to go through the processes.  Doing this without aide is vexing and time consuming. Swift is interesting too.  I love video games and as I look at these sites, I cannot help but think with Flash you could make your own game.  It may be a tad basic but literally if I had any clue about what I was doing I could create a simple video game.  It is amazing.  Swish seems to be about selling their software.  I was not that impressed.  Just another vendor.


There were quite a few here but I will only list which I found most useful.  SoundStageAV was a good site to help acquaint novices as myself with mp3 format.  SelfSEO another great site to provide background on self streaming audio and web site development.  Audacity was fantastic a resource for beginners and more.  It is a cross-platform audio editor . . . for free.  They are totally bookmarked.  I love SourceForge!

Free Web Editors

Trellian was nice because A. It reminded me of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (though the female was Trillian; it still made me smile) B. It looks as if you can work it like Word Processing Software.  I am used to processors.  Our readings have helped me understand code but (see above comments) the programs are much more complicated than what we may read.  Maybe I am just uncomfortable not knowing a thing thoroughly.  Luckily I am too stubborn to let much deter me from trying to learn beyond.  Everything I needed to know I learned because I was stubborn.  That should be on a poster in my office :) . SeaMonkey project is wonderful. Mozilla is on fire! I mean they offer it all and with quality.  Out of every page I reviewed, the initial visual appeal was better than the rest.  Not the most important feature for the topic but I am just saying.  Its like they are tapped into my consciousness or man kinds consciousness (based on their popularity).  The site is clean and neat.  The information well stated and current.  The quality of software fantastic.  It gives me a toothache how sweetly they run their business.  And its open source.  Whoever thinks you have to be Scrooge to make it, should take note and fast.  These guys are epic fabulous, Mozilla for Prez!

***Congrats classmates!  We have concluded the readings. I hope everyone has benefited.***